Wild Wisconsin Ginseng for Sale

Fresh Goldenseal

My morning infusion.

Black coffee with fresh Ginseng, it slightly sweetens and seems to add to the appetite suppression of coffee itself.

Rooted in the Ocooch Mountains, I'm a fifth generation wild Ginseng harvester from the Kickapoo valley of Southwestern Wisconsin. My maternal forefathers were homesteaders to Clayton township area of Wisconsin prior to its statehood. They brought their knowledge of root collection from Ohio, and before that Virginia.

"Grubbin' roots" was a part of the homesteading process, providing a means of cash income for a largely subsistence lifestyle.  This is often still the case for our generation.

I sell small collections of high quality wild Wisconsin Ginseng. This is not woods-grown, nor simulated wild or cultivated.  These roots are %100 wild and harvested in accordance to state law.